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Bosnia Community Center for Resource Development (BCCRD)
[Permanent office not yet established]
Tel: 617-887-3511
Contact: Mr. Adnan Zubcevic / Ms. Izeta Arsic

BCCRD was founded by concerned members of the Bosnian Community with the support of American citizens. Bosnians migration to the US dates from 1992 and was driven primarily by war atrocities and ethnic cleansing. There are approximately 12,000 Bosnians in Massachusetts, of which 5,000-6,000 reside in greater Boston. About 3,500 arrived as refugees, then 2000 more migrants followed in the last two years. Most are Muslim, while a significant number of families are ethnically mixed (inter-religious).
Most Bosnians in greater Boston live in suburban communities including Chelsea, Everett, Revere, Lynn and Malden; smaller pockets of Bosnians can be found in Brighton, Brookline and Medford. Bosnians traditionally value education very highly and like to be involved in their children's education, but find it difficult to do so here.
Resettlement of Bosnians through refugee resettlement programs is winding down due to improved home country conditions, but large groups are still arriving from Germany and Bosnia itself. There is also a large group of secondary migrants arriving in Boston.
Bosnians in the US are sometimes viewed as "over-achievers", because they are quick to find work and obtain self-sufficiency. After this initial period, however, many become depressed and unable to maintain stable jobs or relationships, as a result of the torture and traumas experienced in the war. Adjustment is particularly difficult for the 10% of the population that are highly educated professionals. Bosnians are very independent and may also fear or distrust the government, so many feel uncomfortable seeking help from outside agencies. Cultural and linguistic barriers limit access to mainstream services. Therefore, the need for a Bosnian organization by and for Bosnians is very strong.

To provide culturally appropriate and linguistically accessible services for individuals and families in the Bosnian community, and to work with service providers in greater Boston on understanding those needs and determining the best ways to meet them.

BCCRD works to provide the following: Services and support for women and children, including domestic violence prevention and education; Development of resources; Advocacy and referral (housing, legal, education and health); Translation (cultural and linguistic); Representation and empowerment; Development of community dialogue; Development of cultural and creative activities Assessment and referral services for families and individuals around issues of depression, PTSD etc.

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